love, d (dbananza) wrote in surreal_women,
love, d

thanks to mom for this found spampoem

> To: "Fishke Fazekas"
> Subject: Pdharmcy Excellent News
> and squeaked and resisted violently. The Sheep and the Goat
> entertainment, said in the joy of his heart, How glad I am that
> VjA.GRRA Now $69
> Cj.ALLjS Now $99
> VAL.LjUM Now $84
> Am.nbjen
> Xana.nax
> Pr.oazac
> Prr.opecja
> UItt.ram
> Le.vvjtra
> And many other http://...
> Have a nice day
> --
> ACCORDING to an ancient legend, the first man was made by
> nor are you stronger than I am. For in what does your strength
> deserts you at the approach of danger.
> the Shepherd. Then, said the Ass, as long as I carry the
> If you had but touched me, my friend, you would have lost me, and
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