Artist Shannon Kringen (shannonkringen) wrote in surreal_women,
Artist Shannon Kringen

skyscraper/green dragon/snake dream

i just woke from a very cool dream...i was in an airplane with gwyneth paltrow as the pilot...and luke wilson and a few other famous actors in the cockpit with was stormy and gwyneth had to really work hard to keep us going the right direction...the plane shook up and down...then suddenly i knew we were flying just above nyc/manhattan and could see the skyscrapers very close to us.

suddenly i was a giant person holding the airplane in my hands and trying to point it at something- i was so big the plane was the size of somewhere in between a pen and a baseball bat in my hands.

it had a pointy nose thing on the front like you would see on an insect and then i saw gwyneth with a very determined look on her face and then an "aha!" and she looked at me as to say "there it is" lets go inside.

i saw this strange metal undulating dragon like snake like thing going up and down and going right through solid buildings and hiding in kept moving very fast and had bright green stained glass window like eyes and scales on it's was part machine/buildling part dragon/snake...

i was a giant person holding a jet airplane in my hands and i could pass through buildings and not bump into anything or crush anything below me- i just walked through solid masses like a magic ghost like creature!

i saw the green dragon/skycraper on it's side snake thing and it had an open mouth...i then pointed the airplane into it's opening and thought to myself "should i go inside it too?" and then i was afriad suddenly and thought i would not fit etc. so i didn't go in...just the plane did with gwyneth paltrow and other hollywoood actors inside...i felt proud of helping them on their mission and then suddenly i was normal size human again walking into a strange fancy boutique mall somewhere in manhattan.

i saw all these "baggy" bikini tops all these ladies were wearing- everyone had dark hair and brown eyes...i saw two sets of twin women- laughing and remember feeling a little "i want a twim sister/best friend lady too!". one woman from each set of twins worked as a clerk at the boutique and the other two women from the sets of twins were customers. all four women were laughing and had shiny silver stud earrings i could see shine in the light. they all had very dark hair and very dark brown eyes.

i was walking around looking at the strange baggy bikini tops thinking "how odd to have such a fashion of baggy loose tops" cuz bikinis are known to be skin tight. i thought to myself "maybe this is better and more comfortable for us all"...

then i wondered how the airplane was doing inside the dragon/snake/skyscraper creature and i was hoping they solved their problems and did their mission...and i wondered if i should have gone inside that creatures mouth with the plane?

me playing the piano

my abstracted voice

videos of mine
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