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Artistic Voice

Why I am an artist - cross posted

Every once in a while something reminds me why I became an artist.  Though my passion for creating is something I can no sooner deny than my own breath, it is not the reason.  Though the moment of stepping back from a piece and looking upon the vision I've brought to life is a feeling like no other, it is not the reason.  And that there is no words to express that moment when you feel your art is speaking to you through every fiber of your being, it is still not the reason.

The reason is greater than that.  It is bigger.  It is more profound, more consuming and it is the moment my soul understands its purpose. It is the moment in which another living being looks upon it and finds their own moment of truth amongst the brush strokes.  The moment another soul connects with it and finds our common ground.  The moment it inspires another to act, react and feel.

That is why I am an artist.

What other profession can reach so many all throughout time?  Where else can you look upon the soul of another from centuries past and still feel their pain, love, struggle, joy or life?  What else can rally others behind a common cause so silently?  What else can take you from your life and bring you into another's? 

We are the leaders of revolutions.  Soldiers in a silent war.  We are historians and keepers of truth.  We are inspiration to those who cannot express themselves.  We are the displayers of beauty amid the turmoil.

I do not create for my own inspiration.  I do not paint to release my emotions never to feel them again.  I do not spend my passions only on the canvas.  No, I give them voice.  I give them life.  I give them to others to share so that they can find the inspiration to do what they otherwise might not have.

Artists have something no other profession have.  We have the ability to speak in every language, every emotion, every voice.  We are the voice of the human race.

Man's history is recorded in its art.  And it is in that art that we find the true leaders of any movement.  Those that defied society and poured their anger, their love, their thoughts onto whatever medium called to them.  We find those that struggled against the odds and demanded to be heard.  We find this in both the artist and the subjects of their art.  But it is those that have looked upon it and felt their own cause come to be.  Those who found they were not alone in the world and took action to change what they could.

I am an artist in hopes of that moment when someone looks upon my work and feels the undeniable urge to act.

That is why I am an artist.
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